Behind The Scenes

Fancy a peek behind the curtain at my work? How I came up with my titles, some statistics & fun facts? You’re in the right place… this page will be updated every now & then with new interesting things for you to find out as my work gets further down the route of publishing.

Numbers in The Bloody Maiden

I thought it would be interesting to see just how much goes into writing a novel, not yet including all the work in designing & publishing, so here’s some numbers for you about what exactly went into writing my first book baby…

  • 312 printed pages
  • 214 pins on Pinterest
  • 51 inspirational pictures
  • 44 characters
  • 30 typed documents
  • 26 worksheets filled in
  • 15 reference websites
  • 8 research books
  • 5 maps designed
  • 4 notebooks
  • 3 binders
  • 3 printer ink cartridges
  • 2 alpha readers
  • 1 flash drive
  • 5 years of blood, sweat & many many tears

Here’s to the rest of work still to come!