Behind The Scenes

Fancy a peek behind the curtain at my work? How I came up with my titles, some statistics & fun facts? You’re in the right place… this page will be updated every now & then with new interesting things for you to find out as my work gets further down the route of publishing.

Numbers in The Bloody Maiden

I thought it would be interesting to see just how much goes into writing a novel, not yet including all the work in designing & publishing, so here’s some numbers for you about what exactly went into writing my first book baby…

  • 312 printed pages
  • 214 pins on Pinterest
  • 51 inspirational pictures
  • 44 characters
  • 30 typed documents
  • 26 worksheets filled in
  • 15 reference websites
  • 8 research books
  • 5 maps designed
  • 4 notebooks
  • 3 binders
  • 3 printer ink cartridges
  • 2 alpha readers
  • 1 flash drive
  • 5 years of blood, sweat & many many tears

Here’s to the rest of work still to come!

Sea Shanties from The Bloody Maiden

If you’ve read The Bloody Maiden you’ll notice some sea shanties appearing in the prose. These shanties were written & composed specifically for The Bloody Maiden by the lovely R. L. Davennor! We thought it’d be fun to record these shanties with me singing since Prudence & I have the same accent to give you a glimpse into the world aside from just prose… be warned I’m no singer!

Life at Sea, sung by Prudence in The Wanderer’s Inn. Composition by R. L. Davennor, sung by S. M. Mitchell
Devil’s Down Below, sung on deck of The Bloody Maiden. Composition by R. L. Davennor, sung by S. M. Mitchell