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S. M. Mitchell fell in love with reading as a young teenager and knew from then on that she wanted to be an author. She became a young mother in 2012 to a slightly feral, wonderful little boy and since then has gone on to get a degree in early years childcare & a BA with honours in English and Creative Writing. During her English degree, she was published in two anthologies with short stories and poetry. She not only works as an author but is also CMO to Ink & Fable Publishing est. 2019 where her novels will be published alongside other authors.

S. M. Mitchell is currently editing her debut The Bloody Maiden, which will be published by Ink & Fable Publishing in Jan 2021. It is a story about a women who will do anything to escape her miserable life. She is then thrust into a world of pirates, flesh eating sirens, bloodthirsty soldiers & much more. This novel is the first in a series that explores the murky themes of morals, loss & the justification of murder.

So far another 2 novels are planned for the series but more may come after that. S. M. Mitchell is also busy working on a standalone faerie novel called Close to Earth. S. M. Mitchell’s novels cover darker themes than are usually explored within fantasy – even to go as far as to say that her novels fall in the GrimDark sub-genre of fantasy fiction. You can find out more about her projects by clicking on the ‘novel’ tab on the menu.


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