The Writing Den

Welcome to The Writing Den! A page dedicated to supporting writer’s with their novel planning. Here you’ll find worksheets & workbooks to aid your plotting…

Character Profile Workbook

DISCOUNTED: was £2.99, now only £0.99! A 13 page printable workbook designed to help you get to know your characters – both main & minor – to ensure that you’ve got the details down to keep your writing consistent & your characters interesting.


World Building Workbook

A 20 page printable workbook designed to aid you in building every facet of your story’s world from currency to language, magic systems to food sources. Keep your novel consistent with notes about every aspect of your world in one handy workbook.



The Novel Organiser, Plotting Workbook

A 17 page printable workbook designed to help you plan & organise your novel from beginning concept to final product. There are a lot of factors to consider when plotting, make it easier for yourself with this workbook. Covering everything from types of story to main characters, word count tracking to themes.


So You’ve Written A Book, Editing Workbook

A 15 page printable workbook designed to help you through the self editing process. Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of editing? This workbook is full of tips, checklists & exercises to edit & get you ready to start the publishing process.