The Bloody Maiden

A Quick Glance…

  • GENRE: Dark Fantasy / Literary Prose
  • PLOT TYPE: Rebirth
  • COMP TITLES: Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier meets Outlander by Diana Gabaldon with some Black Sails TV Show vibes thrown in

The Bloody Maiden is a fantasy novel full of pirates, flesh eating sirens, bloodthirsty soldiers & a woman desperate to get away from her life. It has been in the works since September 2015.


Can murder ever be justified?

A desperate barmaid at The Wanderer’s Inn, Prudence dreams of escaping her miserable life, by any means necessary. When a pirate crew arrives on the island and a tavern brawl gets out of hand, Prudence is thrust into a world of piracy, changing her life forever. Protecting her closest friend and finding her freedom are now her only goals. Stuck in a world of monsters, bloodthirsty soldiers and a Captain on the run, it becomes harder and harder to tell right from wrong. Prudence is forced to make tough choices. How far will she go to change her life?

Swords will be raised and blood will be spilt… but will she make it out alive?

Additional Information…

  • STEAM LEVEL: (1 being PG, 10 being erotica) 4
  • MORAL COMPASS: this novel was born from a debate over the justification of murder. ALL the characters are specifically morally ambiguous with the intention of letting the reader determine for themselves who the good guys are, what is justified & what is not
  • WARNINGS: this novel contains graphic violence, almost rape scene, sexual content, inappropriate language & mental health difficulties

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