Close to Earth

Close to Earth is a dark fantasy novel full of ancient family secrets, sinister faeries and an iron-willed young woman…

Nicholas Levare is used to having everything in life placed at his feet. But once the inheritance from his late parents runs low from gambling and party debts, his life changes permanently. Property and valuables stripped away he has nothing left for he and his sister save for a long forgotten country estate full of dark secrets and ancient power. Nicholas and Bethany find themselves pulled into a world simultaneously peaceful and dangerous. Nicholas must decide whether to save himself or become a hero, when a pregnant young girl turns up on his doorstep with supernatural forces gunning for her baby.

I drew on my own experience as a teen mother when writing Tessa’s story – the biggest differences of course being that my parents are wonderfully supportive and adore my son & [obviously] my son is not half fae! This novel is currently being tweaked though so keep your eye out for a new blurb, as it has occurred to me that the story revolves more around Tessa than the Levare siblings.

As you’ve probably noticed from the pinterest boards, along with themes of family, nature is a huge part of all of my stories. TBM focuses on water, most specifically the ocean & CTE focuses on the countryside – both are heavily influenced by my home in the south of England. Nature and the earth are both very important to me, in a number of ways and as such come through very strongly in my work.