Other Works

Fractured Folklore Anthology

Poisoned Apples. Wicked Curses. Red Cloaks. Kickass Women.

Fairy tales are going back to their dark & twisted roots with these brand new short story retellings. Venture into new stories & fight old foes alongside defiant & refreshing heroines written for the 21st Century. These damsels don’t need a prince to come & save them…

My story Wild Woman is a dark re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood, full of the aspects you know & love but with a new, Red, who is no longer a damsel in distress but a headstrong, capable woman whose town is plagued by a werewolf.

Short Stack: Anthology of Short Stories

My Story Blood & Violets is a dark fantasy tale set in New Orleans about a young woman and a child who are plagued with the curse of being werewolves. It’s hard enough to stay hidden from humans without a bloodthirsty rampage threatening to expose them, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

On the Water

An anthology of short stories, flash fiction and poetry. My two pieces From Its Source and 100 Degrees are poems about the ferocity of nature. Published by Solent University Press in 2017.