Windswept [book review]

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5 out of 5, a crazy perfect score!

Key Aspects…

  • Travelling Magic Folk
  • Diverse Interesting Cultures
  • Insane World Building
  • Powerful Gods
  • Adorably Wonderful Characters

I have yet to ever give a book 5 stars in a book review or on Goodreads, take that as a sign that there is literally nothing I could suggest to improve this book. The world building is so intricately beautiful & immersive. I could feel the wind on my face as it spoke to Fox. I could smell the freshly baked bread in the Five Sides kitchen. I could see the bright paint of the Shavid wagons as they rolled down the road covered in bells.

I have never connected with characters as swiftly as I did with Fox, Lai, Picck, & all the other wonderful characters that I have encountered so far in The Mapweaver Chronicles. Fox is a young lad, desperate to join his father for the winter trading down the Merchant’s Highway but his uncanny sense of smell becomes something more, things start to take notice.

Fox’s journey to begin learning about his gifts with best friend Lai, pirate god Farran, & the travelling Shavid in tow, hooked me right from the beginning. I am so emotionally attached to these characters & what will become of them as I read more of the series, I cannot even begin to try & describe it to you. You’ve seriously got to read it for yourself to understand how incredible the Mapweaver world is. I’ve already begun Inkspice [book 2 in the series], I picked it up as soon as I turned Windswept’s last page & have been fervently reading it ever since.

The story was a wild ride from start to finish, Fox is made to fight for his life; discover secrets that will change the course of his entire future & everyone around him. I cannot wait to see where Fox travels in Inkspice & Wayfarer, I already can’t wait for book 4 to come out. I just want to immerse myself into the Mapweaver world as much as possible.

Grab yourself a copy of Windswept & the rest of The Mapweaver Chronicles, I promise you won’t regret it.

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