Inkspice [book review]

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5 out of 5 again! Could this series BE any better?

Key Aspects…

  • Mysterious Magic
  • An Amazingly Weird & Wonderful City
  • Old Friends
  • New Powers
  • Wanderlust!

Oh my, oh my, oh my… if you read my blog post on Monday you’ll be aware of how much I have fallen in love with Windswept by Kaitlin Bellamy. Well… luckily I had ordered the sequel in plenty of time for it to arrive so that I could dive straight in once I closed the back page of Windswept. I give you Inkspice…


Inkspice sees Fox leave his beloved home in Thicca Valley, not to mention his parents & Lai, to travel with the Shavid to learn more about his power as a Cartomancer. After a number of months on the road the Shavid find themselves in the thriving city of Calibas where magic seems ingrained within the city itself.

Suddenly all eyes are on Fox & his companions full of magical blessings. Fox, keen to learn as much as he can about his gifts attends the city’s university & finds an old friend along the way – with secrets I never saw coming.

The characters are just as adorably wonderful as in the first novel, but they come further along their character arc. Most notably Fox & Lai as they grow older, away from each other. I thoroughly enjoyed having paragraphs in Neil & Lai’s perspectives as it gave me a different insight into their characters & allowed me to keep up with Lai’s part of the story even though she’s a world away from Fox.

Farran, the pirate god’s character has easily become my favourite. He’s so charming, funny & roguish that you can’t help but fall for him, especially as you see his relationship with his daughter begin to blossom.

The world building is yet again phenomenal. I cannot begin to describe it without giving away important parts of the plot but Bellamy has given us a look at the world beyond Thicca Valley & it’s even more delightful than I imagined.

The plot is enticing & fast paced. I read Inkspice even quicker than Windswept, I literally couldn’t put it down when I didn’t have too. The Mapweaver Chronicles are a perfect example of the traditional adventure story that we all know, love & look for in the books we read. Kaitlin Bellamy has achieved it twice already (& I’m sure book 3 will have as well). I can only hope that my novels have even half the story as these novels.

Don’t miss out, get copies of The Mapweaver Chronicles. You need these books in your life!

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