Meet the Main Characters of THE BLOODY MAIDEN

Well it’s official! As The Bloody Maiden is out on pre-order & will be coming to you all on 15th January in Hardback & eBook with the paperback coming next month I thought it was time to introduce you to the three most important characters! TBM is a very character focused story & although there’s only one protagonist, all 3 of them have wormed the hearts of people who’ve already read it…

Eleanora: The Secondary Character & Best Friend with a Heart of Gold

Eleanora is the sweetest, kindest character in a world full of harsh realities. She’s the protagonist’s best friend. Her bubbly, outgoing personality means she tends to make friends & get on with almost everyone she meets. She’s the youngest of the main cast but she definitely holds her own whilst refusing to compromise who she is. She’s a realist who makes the best of what she’s got in life – choosing to be happy in herself than spend her life fighting against societal constructs that make our protagonist profoundly miserable & angry. Her life hasn’t always been easy but she certainly doesn’t show it. Nothing keeps her down for long & she makes the world around her brighter just by being herself.

Cain: The Love Interest & Captain with a Heart Breaking Past

Cain is the well-read, charming captain of The Bloody Maiden with a past that could break even the coldest heart. The stoic, intelligent & kind captain opens up a world of opportunity for the protagonist – but it’s a world full of danger, monsters & mayhem. He’s the ‘leader’ of the cast & is well liked & trusted amongst his crew. They are a loyal close knit group who in many instances care for one another more like family than merely a crew. Like Elea, his life hasn’t been easy by any means but he’s determined to carve out a life that isn’t dictated by anyone but himself.

Prudence: The Protagonist & Volatile, Unapologetic Wild Woman

She’s rude. She’s aggressive. She’s stubborn. Prudence isn’t your typical choice for a protagonist, nor does she become one as her tale progresses. She’s had a tough life & her personality doesn’t help her when it comes to making her current life any better. You may end up forgiving her bigger transgressions due to a few moments that make her a sympathetic character – or you may hate her for her choices, ultimately both views & anything in between are good as she was intended to be a difficult, hard to love, controversial character. Having said that though she has one truly redeeming quality – her fierce loyalty to her loved ones is second to none.

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