Author Interview: Kyra Lennon

Tell us a little about yourself & your background

I’m from the South West of England originally, and I grew up by the sea, which gave me a lot of writing inspiration! I now live in the North East with my fiance, and when I’m not working, we spend as much time as possible going to see live music and watching football.

When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

Always. My mum always read to me, and I learned to read on my own when I was very young, so I always enjoyed getting lost in a story. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I began writing my own. As a child, I had a bizarre imagination and once wrote a story for school about a little girl who got taken aboard a spaceship, and they took her to a land of Jelly Babies! So, I decided when I was probably about seven or eight that, one day, I would be an author.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I’d very much like to hit a bestseller list one day!

Can you tell us a little about Picture [Im]Perfect?

Picture (Im)Perfect is an enemies to lovers romance, which has a little bit of a chick-lit/comedy vibe to it. It’s set in a wedding dress shop, and the main character, Tegan, Is trying to stop her business from going under. She has a genius idea for how to do that, but she needs a photographer to help her bring her vision to life. When her friend recommends someone she knows who is new to the area, Tegan wasn’t expecting him to be exceptionally good-looking. The only problem is… he hates weddings.

Can you introduce us to your main character?

Tegan is a very ambitious young woman who built her business with the help of her best friend, Emma, and all she ever wanted to do was have her own bridal boutique. The idea of losing it is terrifying to her, and on top of that struggle, she broke up with her boyfriend not so long ago after he cheated on her, so she is feeling like everything around her is falling apart. However, she is no pushover! When faced with a challenge, she fights with all she has, and that is one of the reasons I love her so much!

Do you have a favourite quote or scene from your book?

I have quite a lot of favourite quotes, but my favourite scene of all is when Cameron begins to let his guard down around Tegan and tells her about his past. It’s the first time his walls come down, so a big moment in the story, and it was fun to write.

Where did you find inspiration for Picture [Im]Perfect?

From the Friends episode “The One With All The Wedding Dresses”

Are you more of a plotter or a panster?

Total pantser! Plotting just doesn’t work for me at all. 😦

What is your writing routine like? How often do you write?

Currently, my writing routine is a little bit messed up as I’m getting ready to move house, but usually, I try to dedicate four or five hours a week, and I’m hoping to up that once the move is over!

How much research did you have to do to complete Picture [Im]Perfect?

This one was fairly simple as there wasn’t much that needed researching. I did spend an unnatural amount of time looking at wedding dress websites, though!

What was the hardest thing about writing this book?

Writing the end because I really loved the characters!

Why did you choose self publishing?

I’m impatient lol! With traditional publishing, there is a LOT to contend with, from finding agents, which is a task in itself, and then waiting and hoping that a publishing house will pick you up. Also, I think you have less control over your book with a publisher too. With self-publishing, I get to choose my own deadlines, my own covers, etc. It means I can publish when I’m ready with no pressure.

What has the publishing process been like for you?

I have been doing this since 2012, so it’s fairly simple for me now! Although, things have changed since then, but overall, it’s always been quite straightforward.

What are you currently reading right now?

Twisted Fixation by Clare Bentley

Who are your biggest idols?

Cecelia Ahern – I wish my imagination was as good as hers!

Do you get writer’s block? How do you deal with it?

Patience is usually the key to writer’s block. I do have to deal with it from time to time, and I find that stressing about it only makes it worse. So, I just find other things to do until my mojo returns.

If you couldn’t be a writer what would you want to be?

I guess if I couldn’t write, I’d probably want a job that had something to do with writing. Maybe I would blog about books I’d read instead!

What do you get up to when you’re not writing?

I am a pretty big fan of video games, so that happens often. And, as I mentioned earlier, my other half and I love football and live music.

Finally, do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

I would say, always be open to learning and taking advice. When you are writing, and you love your characters, sometimes it means you might not spot the little things that aren’t quite working. So, take advice with grace and always be willing to work hard to improve your skills.

You can get your own copy of Kyra Lennon’s fantastic book below & follow her on socials!

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