30 Day Writing Challenge

Welcome to the 30 Day Writing Challenge! If you want to stretch your creative muscles or practice your writing skills then this is for you. Take 15 minutes out of your day to write based on the prompts below. They have been designed to be vague and without much instruction so that your creativity can take over and decide where your writing will go. Everyone will interpret these prompts differently and that’s the fun of it! Get creative and have fun with it. I hope you’ll find these prompts and challenges really fun to do – some of them are quiet short whereas others could be made longer if you wish. I urge you to not only have a go yourself but get family and friends involved. It doesn’t require any knowledge on writing or prior experience it’s just a bit of creative fun!

  1. Write about a memory from your childhood
  2. Write about having a superpower
  3. Write about standing in the rain
  4. Write about eating your favourite meal
  5. Write about waking up in a new world
  6. Write about the end of the world
  7. Write about a dream holiday
  8. Write about keeping a secret
  9. Write about trekking across the desert
  10. Write about being able to fly
  11. Write about being betrayed
  12. Write about a terrible storm
  13. Write about facing certain death
  14. Write about insurmountable odds
  15. Write about losing something very important
  16. Write about being alone
  17. Write about a dream you’ve had
  18. Write about a time you were miserable
  19. Write about making a new friend
  20. Write about committing a crime
  21. Write about overcoming an obstacle
  22. Write about running away
  23. Write about winning the lottery
  24. Write about going to the hospital
  25. Write about finding a magic wand
  26. Write about being abducted
  27. Write about the most boring day
  28. Write about a love story
  29. Write about fighting a monster
  30. Write about your favourite pastime

Finished the 30 Day Challenge? I’d love to hear how it went. Share your experience or even a snippet of your writing in the comments!

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