The Queen of Nothing [book review]

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 out of 5, it exceeded expectations!

Key Aspects…

  • Cannibals
  • War
  • Kidnapping
  • Character Growth
  • Plot Twists Galore!

If you read my book review of The Cruel Prince then you know that I dove into this series headfirst & couldn’t put it down… until I had to wait for book three that is. Well book three finally got released in November & so I asked for it on my Christmas wish list. Lo & behold my parents exceeded expectations just like this book & got my the hardback box set!

Naturally, instead of revelling in family time on Christmas day I did what any sane & rational book lover would do… I began reading. Christmas is a busy time for my family so I couldn’t read it quite as quickly as I wanted, but it was still done & dusted within three days. I couldn’t finish it quick enough & yet as it came to the end I was absolutely gutted. As much as it truly was an amazing series & I was super happy (& surprised!) with the ending, I really wish I could go back & read it for the first time over again.

We left Jude at the end of The Wicked King, exiled into the human world & wholly unhappy, & we pick up right where we left off. We get to see life in the mortal world for someone who comes from faerie which is an interesting change of pace from the first two novels in the Folk of Air series. Before we get swept off into faerie with Jude once more as the faerie world is in peril & it seems only Jude can help. We see some fantastic character growth with some of the main characters & old problems come back to the forefront during Queen of Nothing.

I was captivated by this story for the third time & couldn’t be happier to carry on with this adventure. The world of faerie is incredible, the characters are wonderfully complicated & raw – it’s very refreshing to read characters who are not only flawed superficially but with real deep down issues, conflicts & weak moments. The growth of each character is totally believable & I was happily surprised by some of the plot twists. Normally I am able to guess plot twists from a mile off, but these threw me & I couldn’t have been more satisfied with them.

Really, there aren’t enough words in the English language to enable me to express how much I adore this series, especially this last book. It has only been just over 20 days since I read it… & I want to read it again desperately. If you haven’t yet started the Folk of Air series then hop on over to my review of The Cruel Prince.

Did you love The Queen of Nothing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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