Wayfinder [book review]

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5 out of 5, this series never disappoints!

Key Aspects…

  • pirate ships
  • kick arse sirens
  • forgotten memories
  • potential romance
  • gods & mortals working together

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that I’m Kaitlin Bellamy’s biggest nerdiest fan so naturally I loved every second of the third Mapweaver novel, Wayfinder. Fox’s journey from young boy desperate to join his father on the road, to powerful young man leading teams that will change the course of the world is fantastic.


Inkspice left Fox back in his home of Thicca Valley with his family & Lai, about to take off again on another journey – this time with Lai [& begrudgingly her betrothed] to find the pirate god Farran’s lost memories of his life with Adella & the hunt of Magoth & his escape.

We get to experience Fox learning how to extend his map magic even further than ever before, possibly to the point of no return. The magic that occurs within Wayfinder is incredible. I didn’t think it could get more interesting than Calibas in Inkspice with the tree at the heart of the city before the city is destroyed, but Bellamy really upped her game for this book. I’m left wondering what we will get to experience when book 4 arrives – I can’t begin to imagine how much more amazing it can get.

My heart aches for Fox as he tries to deal with feelings for Lai, especially seeing her with Cullen. Not only feelings of love but poor Fox goes through some real heartaches through Wayfinder & I can only hope that he gets to find a little happiness in book 4 [though I’m not convinced it will happen!]

Wayfinder truly felt like one of the adventure memories that Farran shared with Fox in the previous books. I have a deep love of pirates as you’ll know if you follow me on social media & Wayfinder was everything I could have hoped for – the magic of the previous books combined with a seafaring adventure into dangerous waters where you can’t be sure who will make it out alive.

I cannot recommend it enough, you need to read Wayfinder it truly is a masterpiece of fantasy writing, & if you’ve stuck around without reading the first 2 because you’re a maverick, then you need the Mapweaver Chronicles in your life. I promise you will not regret it.

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