The Importance of Email Lists

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post in this series, but since my other business Little Crow Marketing has come together with this business to create Write. Publish. Impact. and offer guest talks, I’ve spent a LOT of time talking to authors about marketing their books, and themselves. One very important aspect of marketing for writers is creating an email list. A mailing list is an ongoing collection of audience member email addresses that you can market to via emails or ‘newsletters’. This is usually done through a third party webmail software such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite or Zoho Campaigns. As a social media marketing specialist I would argue that whilst a mailing list is not the most important facet of your marketing strategy, it is a vital one. Social media is a fantastic, free tool available to all business owners no matter their budget, time or knowledge, to use to grow their business. It does however, also have it’s drawbacks.

Social media platforms are not something we have control over. We are at the whims of platform community standards and rules. There is always a risk of bans and or losing your account altogether, not to mention hackers. Because of this, you need a backup [or five!]. This is where a mailing list is unmatched. Build your mailing list alongside your social media platforms so that you have other avenues of reaching your audience. It will allow you to communicate with your readers outside the scope of social media – not only is it a good back up for socials, but it also is a more direct means of reaching them. Your emails go direct to their inbox. It also…

  • Provides added content and connection for your loyal readers
  • Allows for customisation to you can speak directly to each reader
  • Provides valuable data that allows you to cater specifically to your audience wants
  • Allows you to offer VIP access your audience as an added bonus
  • It also adds professionalism as top traditionally published authors all have an email list

Many authors also do very well with sales via their email list!

You’ve probably heard of writers offering a free story as a lead magnet to draw subscribers into their email list – and if this is putting you off creating an email list right now, don’t let it! Whilst it’s great to have a lead magnet, you don’t have to start with one. It takes time to write and edit a story, don’t let it hold you off from starting your mailing list. You can begin building your audience off social media long before you offer a free story – and any subscribers who were there before you release your freebie, can still read it once you share it!

Are you ready to build an email list? Tell me in the comments below!

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